About Us

Kessens opened at the end of 2014 by Anna and Casper Holtkamp.
They believe that one should enjoy life to the fullest! And enjoying at Kessens means good service, delicious food, a nice glass of wine or a classic cocktail. Anna and Casper are real pleasure seekers and this way of life they want to pass on to their guests.

Throughout the years they have travelled a lot and gained inspiration in their favourite cities like for instance Stockholm, the city where Anna was born and raised before she moved to Amsterdam in 2002. Casper’s roots lies in a famous Amsterdam patisserie family and he has worked a large part of his life in his parents’ bakery. Together Casper and Anna are the driving force behind Kessens and every day they work hard, together with a dedicated team, to make sure you have a pleasant experience while visiting the restaurant.




Kessens is een groeiend bedrijf met een dynamisch team. We zijn daarom bijna altijd op zoek naar gemotiveerde toppers in de keuken en bediening om ons team te versterken.

Contact & opening hours

Rozengracht 24

1016 NC Amsterdam

020-221 74 31




Monday-Friday 08.30-16.00
Saturday 09.00-17.00
Sunday 09.00-17.00